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L3gun3 Siege-Gm App

Post  l3gun3 on Sat Jun 23, 2012 3:14 pm

Real Name: Michael Mcmanus

In-Game Name: Stamp

Age: 25

Location: United Kingdom

How many years do you play flyff?: Iv'e been playing Eflyff for 3 years

Do you have an experience being a GM?: Truthfully, iv'e been a gm on 3 diffrent servers

How many hours are you online everyday? Im on Vanity flyff for 4 hours or more

I wan't to add my personal Questions if that's ok

How can u help the server: I can help the server by helping players i dont really do Invisible Mode so i let players test damage etc, I help players by giving them items but im pretty sure being a gm you wont be able to do this, I can hold many events but this is a siege gm app so im not sure,

Laungage: I speak English, That's all

If a player is swearing his chest of at you how will u react: If im not there to reply, and just got back whatever i was doing, i would say Sorry sir/mam i was afk for awhile but now im back so what did u need me for?

That's it Thanx for reading this app if u want me to delete the others i added just tell me in the comments

-Mikey What a Face


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